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The Name

The name Kenahkihinen is of Lenape origin.  The Lenape are also known as Lenni Lenape, and as the Delaware Indians.  The name was given to the white buffalo calf in recognition of its message and meaning.  The name roughly translates into "watch over us".



The contents of the "CALENDAR" below was compiled from publications found on the internet and in the print media.  It is by no means a complete list of all published information but will help anyone interested to follow the story of Kenahkihinen.  Major milestones in Kenahkihinen's life are recorded below.  The newspaper articles include color photographs.

November 12, 2006:  White Buffalo Calf Born in Pennsylvania
December 10, 2006:
December 24, 2006: White buffalo calf receives the name Kenahkihinen in a Native American ceremony.
April 14, 2007: David Swallow at Woodland Zoo
April 15, 2007:
September 2009: Woodland Zoo sells bison to Nemacolin Woods
September 12, 2009:
September 15, 2009:
September 2009: Kenahkihinen and his brown cousin join other bison at Nemacolin Woods.
November 12, 2010: Dispute over Birthday Party for white buffalo at Nemacolin Woods
November 10, 2010:


The message the white buffalo delivered to us, all beings on Makha Ina, Mother Earth, is simple:  Be prepared for what is coming.

This message has been interpreted by different persons in different ways.  Arguably, some individuals read more into it than others believe there is, some interpret the message to their own personal convenience, and yet others pay little, or no attention to the birth, the sign, or the message.

It is a reminder to honor our mother, Earth, treat her with respect and act responsibly.  No matter what your ethnic background is, whether you are a native of this country, or any other, whether you do or do not have Native American roots, the message is the same.  This the days of the industrial revolution, mankind has done much harm to our Mother with irresponsible land management, the exploitation of natural resources, pollution of land, air and water, and the absence of the spiritual in the lives of millions of people alive today.

Kenahkihinen reminds us that it hasn't always been like that, and should not be like that today.

Creator gave us this reminder.  His message has been delivered.  He has communicated.


Different Directions

Recent events have caused great concern among the people to whom the bison means the most, the people of the Great Plains, among them the people of the Seven Council Fires (Sioux Nation).  Individuals have put themselves into positions that helped them gain some prominence.  Unfortunately, some use Kanahkihinen for self-serving purposes.  Creator did not send him to enrich a few with dollars and "fame" but to send a message to all people today.

It is our hope that the management of the resort at Nemacolin Woods in Pennsylvania will honor the special position Kenahkihinen holds in the hearts of many Native Americans by giving them free access to him.

There also is the concern that Kenahkihinen may be exploited for commercial purposes as time goes on.  Exploitations do not have to necessarily come from those who are his stewards/caretakers.  We need to think broadly.  Exploits are possible in many different ways and can come from many different directions.

Many of the tribes in the Eastern United States do not hold the buffalo, any buffalo, in the same high esteem as many tribes in the West, particularly the descendents of the "buffalo nations".  This does not necessarily mean that they are indifferent to the birth of a white buffalo in the East but other animals hold the place of the buffalo in their cultures.




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