The in-tank fuel pump in my M35A2 had not been taken out in a loooong time.

This page does not cover the cleaning of the components of the in-tank fuel pump.

Step by step instructions

1.  Disconnect battery.


2.  Disconnect electrical

     line on left.

3.  Disconnect air line in


4.  Disconnect fuel line

     on right.

5.  Remove screws from
     the top plate.

The screws on my truck were so plugged with dirt and grind that I could hardly insert a Philips screw driver.  I had to clean the screws before I could remove them.  The screwdriver must fit well into the slots.

6.  Lift the pump out of
     the tank.

A lot of sludge had collected around the grid of the pump.

7.  Clean the pump.

The picture on the right shows the sludge I removed from the grid.

Cleaned grid.
View of inside of the tank.  Shown is the back wall of the tank.
8.  Reinstall in reverse order.



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