Not hearing a hum from the pump when the accessory switch was turned on was the first clue that the pump was no longer working.   The second clue was that the truck ran fine once started but it took a noticeably longer time to get the engine to run.

Even with the in-tank pump inoperable, the pump at the IP may pull sufficient fuel from the tank to keep the truck running.

The correct fuse is a 2 Ampere slow-burn fuse.

Step by step instructions

1.  Collect tools and parts needed: 
  • 1 wrench with 9/16 inch socket and extension
  • 1 slow blow 2 Amp fuse (if you can get it)
  • 1 small container for reusable parts suggested

2.  Disassembly:
  • Remove the three nuts that secure the head (cover) to the tank.
  • Put them into the parts container so they don't fall and get lost.
  • Pull the head carefully straight up.  Do not yank it up! 
  • Rest the head on its side so that you can look inside without disconnecting the wire.

3.  Replacement:
  • Pull the old fuse out.
  • Check its condition.
  • If good, wipe its ends clean and check the condition of the inside of the head (cover).  If necessary, clean the inside of head.
  • If blown, clean the inside of the head and then insert a new fuse.

4.  Reassembly:
  • Realign the holes in the head with the bolts on the tank.
  • Carefully push the head down onto the tank.  Make sure you have good contact.
  • Take the three nuts from your parts container and tighten them on the studs.

5.  Test:
  • Turn the accessory switch on.
  • If you hear the in-tank pump run, you are done.
  • If you do not hear the in-tank pump run, get closer.  You may not hear the pump over the noise from the buzzer when you are inside the cab.
  • If you still cannot detect a sound, recheck you reassembly.


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