Jeff J.F. Berg has been a story teller for most of his life. In grammar school, he entertained classmates with products of his imagination on his way home, and some of them went way out of their way just to hear the end of yet another short story. When he accompanied his father to his office on Saturday mornings when the building was void of staff, he recorded stories on a Dictaphone, a popular recording device at the time. Using telephones, staplers, keys and the sound of his own foot steps on the hard floor, he enhanced his stories with sound effects even the inventors of the office equipment he used had never considered. In later years, he wrote stories on an old manual typewriter in a quiet corner of his parents' retail store with one finger one letter at a time. Sales people would find reasons to often pass by him and take a quick glance and another page before they returned to their duties. As a chat host on AOL, he shared short stories in English and German with his international audience.

J. F. Berg authored a large number of short stories in both English and German that are still in limited distribution but are not currently offered for sale. Ventana is his first full-length novel.


Infatuated with the image of a Native American Indian man, a native German returns to the place where she first encountered her vision of living male perfection.  Accompanied by an American friend, she travels through geographically and emotionally unfamiliar territory when she revisits Ventana, a place of Indian lore in the barrenness of rural southern New Mexico.

The story takes us from childhood memories of Soviet occupied East Germany to her gripping escape to West Germany and a life-changing chance encounter at Ventana.  On her way, she meets people from different cultures and first closes them out but then learns to accept the differences that separate them and to embrace the commonalities they share.

Her humorous, heart-wrenching and spine-tingling adventures amount to neither a classic romance nor a coming-of-age story but take us on a journey through time and countries as well as on a roller-coaster ride inside the broadening mind of a person who learns to overcome her challenges and, in the end, finds what she didn’t know she had lost – herself.

Ventana is a story of friendship and courage, emotional highs and lows, opportunities to effect change and choices to take advantage of these opportunities, or to let them pass by.  It is the story of a woman who learns to overcome her greatest weakness despite her difficulties to express herself in a foreign language far away from home.


Title: Ventana

Author: J. F. Berg

Expected publication: Summer 2012

Expected Publisher: CreateSpace

Expected Distributor:

Pages: approx. 420 in paperback