About The Author

J. F. Berg started to tell stories early in his life. On the way home from school, he used to entertain his classmates with funny products of his imagination. Some, he remembers, actually walked passed their homes and out of their way just to hear the end of yet another one of his creative adventures.

He used an old Dictaphone (a recording device used in the 1950’s and 60’s) in the office next to his father’s office to record detective stories on Saturday mornings when he accompanied his dad to work even though the office was officially closed to tell stories and add sound effects. The hard plastic covered floor lent itself to recordings of mysterious footsteps. Pencil sharpeners and staplers found new uses in Jeff’s temporary recording studio that even their inventors had never dreamed of, or considered. Telephones rang and keys jingled. Jeff would work on his stories for hours while his dad worked in his own office. On Monday mornings, office personnel would gather around that same Dictaphone to listen to Jeff’s creative concoctions.

A few years later, he hammered his ideas into an old manual typewriter at the family’s own business location. He could not yet type but he patiently hunted for each letter. Like a hawk circling over an area and then darting down to pick up his prey, Jeff let his index finger circle and strike down on a key to commit his story to paper. He quickly learned to type with two, then three, then four fingers, and so forth. Employees found reasons to walk by that old typewriter frequently and quickly read another page, or two.

Later in life, he used his imagination to write short stories for an international chat group on America Online.

He is fluent in both English and German. He traveled extensively in western Europe and lived and worked there for several years. In the states, he actively participates in Native American powwows and ceremonies, joins his extended family at gatherings, and is familiar with the customs of several different North American Indian tribes.

Ventana is his first long format publication. He already collects material for other books he wants to publish.

He and his wife live with the “fur kids” (several cats and dogs) they rescued and adopted in Pennsylvania, USA.