Published in Lakota Country Times, May 18, 2010



Dear Editor

Debra White Plume’s article “A5 No Accountability” shows some fundamental differences between short-term profit thinking and consideration for Mother Earth’s presence and future.

In the wasicu-free period, clan mothers, chiefs, and other leaders gave much thought to the consequences of their decisions and actions. They tried to anticipate the needs of the next seven, or twelve generations, and act responsibly for their benefit.

Corporations rule today. They don’t have thoughts. They are legal entities, not real people. The people in charge of corporations are bound by corporate bylaws and must keep the interests of the shareholders in mind. Most shareholders are only interested in ROI’s (return on investment), and
ROI’s are usually measured in quarterly and annual reports.

So, here we have thinking of 7 or 12 generations, and there we have thinking of how to show profits  over 12 and 53 weeks. Changing a poor investment decision in the stock market only takes a few seconds. Changing a bad decision in Mother Earth of the magnitude Debra envisions takes
many generations, and has the potential to seriously decimate the world’s population. Additionally, we have only one mother and cannot choose her like investors choose between thousands of corporations.

Leakage from a polluted mine into the Ogallala Aquifer not only affects the people in and around the He Sapa but all the people along that aquifer that stretches from South Dakota into Texas, and even beyond. Irrigation systems draw from the aquifer and pollute the land above and everything
that grows on it. This includes food. Given the size of this huge area, world-wide food shortages must be expected. Animals drinking the water as well as people cooking with the water and even people living as far away as Canada and France will be affected when food prices rise because the
worldwide supply dwindles and the demand challenges, or exceeds the supply.

There are few other places on Maka Unci besides Yellowstone that have the same potential to cause drastic worldwide changes. The extent and nature of changes that may result from an earthquake have been calculated and scientifically explained but we have no guarantee that man can accurately anticipate the outcome of a catastrophic event. Just think of the recent volcano eruption in Iceland that still affects millions of people in that area and has affected commerce worldwide. We didn’t see that coming!

The weakest link in a chain is always the first to break. We only create a false sense of security by capping all known channels to underground toxic pollutants reservoirs. Will the caps hold? Will the reservoirs not break? Just because we have not witnessed the cracking of reservoirs of this kind is
no guarantee that it cannot and will not happen.

Even if Powertech had all the money in the world, we couldn’t trust the technical resources needed to stop the spreading of contamination through such a huge aquifer will be available at the time of a catastrophic event. Even if Powertech can pay for the rescue mission, and even when it is
successful, severe harm may come to generations of every creation that drinks contaminated water, eats contaminated food, has any contact with contaminants.

Jeff Fehlenberg


Author:          Jeff Fehlenberg
Publisher:     Lakota Country Times
Published date:  May 18, 2010