The following plants are now available.  You are welcome to stop by at any time you see me in the garden, or call ahead and we meet at an agreed-upon time.

As always, I believe the plants listed below are healthy and ready for transplantation.  If you need planting directions, please ask.  I gladly help and share with you what nature provided.

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sugar maple (see pictures above)
These sugar maples turn beautiful shades of yellow, or red in the fall.  All pictures were taken on November 14th, 2009.  I took these pictures standing up.  So, that gives you an idea as to the height of the plants.
oak tree  (see pictures above)
I may have two of the same approximate size.  Take both, plant them about 10 feet apart and enjoy snoozing in a hammock in between those two trees when you retire.  Two trees for the price of one:  0  -  What a bargain !
"mystery tree"  (unidentified species)
If you know what species this is, please tell me.  This may be a cherry but I'm not sure.


Rose of Sharon  (sizes from about 1 ft. to about 4 ft. in height)
Whether Rose of Sharon are trees, or bushes has been the subject of arguments for many years.  Whatever they are, mine are healthy.  They bloom every year once they reach a height of about 3 to 4 feet and stand in sunlight.  Some of the Rose of Sharon on my property are about 50 (fifty) years old and still bloom every year !!


Buckwheat seeds - I need about 40 lbs. but gladly take smaller quantities.  
Canna  (any variety, any color)  
Grandfather's Whiskers  
top soil  (to fill a hole in the ground left by a fallen tree)  

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