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On the job, Jeff has been described as a multilingual, effective communicator, an outside-the-box thinker, creative innovator, and as someone who gets the job done in marketing, advertising and sales.  There is also another side of him.

Jeff spent about half of his life in the US and the other half in Europe.  He currently resides with his wife in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Together, they rescued several animals over the years and still share their home with most of them.

The time Jeff spent in Europe allowed him to experience various cultures that opened his awareness of some of the fundamental differences that divide us and many of the commonalities that bond us.  The same experience echoes in his travels through Native America today.

Jeff is fluent in English and German and speaks some Lakhota (student level).  He follows a traditional Native American lifestyle and supports various Native American relief efforts.  Many dancers, drums and event organizers in Eastern Pennsylvania know him as an active participant at powwows, and many look forward to the specially prepared cutlets he occasionally serves at Native American gatherings. 

He devotes much of his "spare" time (over 300 hours in the 2009/2010 collection year) to the collection of items needed on Indian reservations, in particular the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  The "Collection" sector of this website provides more details on his activities.  He and his wife have supported residents with donated clothes, appliances and other necessities for years and continue to do so.  The collection has grown constantly over the years and continues to exceed previously established records.  Together, they visit the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation once a year and deliver donations to people in need.

Jeff started a bilingual forum on AOL (USA) and served as forum host for ten years.  As AOL expanded into Europe, the number of participants grew.  For some time, participants from ten different countries belonged to his forum.  During that time span, the forum moved from the parent AOL (USA) to AOL Deutschland (Germany).  The forum is now led by one of Jeff's original chat members in the United States.  Jeff now manages several newsgroups on the internet with a combined membership of more than 6,000 participants.

Jeff is a creative person who finds creative expression in his music and his writings.  Even though he says he doesn't master any of the instruments he has acquired over the years, he likes to entertain himself and his wife musically with his compositions.  "Music isn't about playing notes but about expressing emotions through the voice of an instrument.  Whether you sing, blow into a mouthpiece, tickle the ivories, swing a gut, bang on something, or squeak your belly button only tells how you create sound but does not define whether or not you make music."

In his former capacity in marketing, Jeff wrote treatments and scripts for TV shows.  In his personal time, he wrote dozens of short stories in English and German, and started an intercultural novel several years ago, a work he has yet to finish.  Jeff published several newsletters both in print and electronic formats.

Jeff migrated from movie film to still photography over the years, a transition most people experience in the reverse order.  Because of the close bond Jeff and his wife have with nature, most of Jeff's subjects are landscapes, plants and critters of all sorts and sizes.

When time permits, Jeff and his wife climb into their RV and travel.  Their travels have taken them as far North as Quebec, as far east as the Atlantic shore, as far south as Florida, and as far west as Wyoming, Colorado and Texas.  They always visit Native American places along the way, and have visited many locations between the Village des Hurons (Wendake) in Quebec and the Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations in South Dakota.  They have danced with Comanche at their winter powwow in Oklahoma, visited all of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) reservations in New York and many more reservations south of the Mason Dixon line.

When he is at home on a weekend in spring, summer, or fall, he can often be observed riding his John Deere diesel tractor.  When he isn't mowing, mulching, tilling, sowing, planting, or moving things in the front-end loader, you may find him under the tractor changing oil, cleaning the mower deck, or doing other maintenance work.  In the winter, you may see him push snow off the driveway with a tractor when the snow blower just doesn't provide enough of a challenge.

When a friend showed him an army truck he had acquired, Jeff got hooked.  The F-150 pick-up truck that had sat in our driveway for years was sold, and Jeff replaced it with the same kind of army truck his friend has.  The camouflage paint job does not hide it very well in our suburban neighborhood but Jeff loves to drive that old monster. 


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