Wowitan Yuha Mani
David Swallow, Jr.

Wowitan Yuha Mani (Walks With Pride) was born and raised near Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  He is a member of the Teton Lakota Nation, the band of Crazy Horse.  His grandparents taught him the ancient Lakota ways when he was young.  Today, his own people on and off the reservation recognize him as a spiritual leader and sundance intercessor. He travels to teach about the sacredness of Mother Earth and to bring about awareness of the situation of his people on the Pine Ridge reservation.

In today's mainstream society, he is known as David Swallow, Jr.  David is fluent in the Lakota language, the history of the Lakota people and he knows the treaties his ancestors made with the U.S. government - all of which the U.S. government has since broken.

David Swallow is one of the Headmen of the Lakota and, by extension, of the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota people, better known to many as the "Sioux Indians".