A Statement from Wowitan Yuha Mani (David Swallow, Jr.),

Headman of the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Nations,

on the subject of

The White Buffalo

in Pennsylvania

 Pine Ridge Reservation,  November 10, 2009

"This is for all relatives and my friends out there who are walking on the Red Road.

First, I want to mention what’s happening in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area with the sacred white buffalo. “Protect the white buffalo” is the message. It came to those indigenous people and brought a message but … the message … direction … and won’t come on one another.

Second, that is why the white buffalo has come but nobody follows the protocol of the white buffalo. Look, the white buffalo has no money. It’s a naked calf. It brought the message and he is done. It came to the people of the East Coast. What it is going to say is, to prepare themselves because after the warning these things will happen, that I have mentioned. That is it.

And the man that is taking advantage of the situation named Hawk, or whatever his name is, and whatever tribe he is, he is taking this situation and the sacred message to his own benefit to make him money, scheming and scamming for money. All the people of the Lakota nation everywhere get hurt because he lies and talks on the computer about all the lies but he cannot stand up face-to-face and face the facts. He cannot do that. So, he has to hide behind Mary Johnson and many others like that and take advantage of them.

Hawk is a fraud. But, Ťunkaśila will take care of it. He lies. He said he sent me thousands of dollars. This man never contributed nothing to me. The only thing that I see from this man is failure. That’s all. Four times he came to me. He said he wanted to finish his commitment because Basil Braveheart wouldn’t let him do it at his sundance. So, that is why he came. When I talked to my whole counsel here we agreed to let him dance one year, and that’s it. And he never contributed nothing towards the sundance or anything like that. And then he lied on the computer. That is why everything that is sacred he had was burned in that trailer house. Ťunkaśila is speaking to him. So, this man is a grand failure man. He works for himself, not for the people. Nobody. Just for himself. He has a snake tongue. And that’s it, see it, right there. Yelo. Aho.

I appreciate those who that listen, my relatives and my friends throughout the country. Don’t fall into this kind of a trap, or scheme.

I have spoken. Hećetu elo. Mitakuye oyas’in."