Womnaye & Otuh'an

Womnaye nahan otuh'an, collection and distribution, is our business.  All work is done and all services are provided on a volunteer basis. We do not have paid helpers, employees, or remunerated executives. Expenses for fuel, electricity, storage facilities and other resources is borne by the volunteers performing the tasks they have chosen.

We collect useful practical appliances, used and new, and distribute them to Native American Indians in need.  We do not charge donors for the pick-up of donated items, and we do not charge the recipients for the delivery.  All costs associated with the collection and distribution are borne by us.

This 100% volunteer effort is based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Distributions have occurred on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (South Dakota), the Rosebud Reservation (South Dakota), and in Pennsylvania.

The name "womnaye na otuh'an" means "collection and distribution" in the Lakhota language which is still spoken on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations even though English is the most prevalent language there today.

To join our efforts, please contact Jeff at jeff@wowapi.net.

To offer a donation, please follow this link:  Offer A Donation

Thank you for your interest in our relief efforts. We appreciate your support.


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