Mission Statement:

We collect resources in Pennsylvania for the benefit of native Americans on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and elsewhere in order to narrow the gap between relatively rich and well-equipped households in Pennsylvania and relatively poor and poorly equipped households on the Pine Ridge reservation - one item at a time - by responding to specific and general requests.

Partial view of donations from our 2008 collection prior to loading onto our transport vehicles

Who we are:

Womnaye & Otuh'an is a privately managed effort to relieve some of the pressures on residents of the poorest Indian Reservation within the borders of the continental United States, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. While the reservation lies in the southwestern quadrant of South Dakota, we collect items needed on the reservation near our home in our home state of Pennsylvania.

How we differ from many other organizations with similar goals:

Our contacts on the Pine Ridge reservation inform us of what is really needed at a given point in time. We then focus our efforts on those special requests for assistance. Our connections allow us to take a much more personal approach to helping than larger organziations are prepared to take, and guarantee that what we deliver is indeed needed at that time.

What we collect:

The items we collect change with the demands on the reservation. While we do not see many seasonal changes, we noticed an increased demand for winter coats in the fall. Other than at that time, clothes rank low on the list of items reservation residents request. Most sought after are cooling fans and air conditioners for the summer months and electrical heaters for the long winter months as well as electrical kitchen appliances. Sewing machines are particularly sought-after items as they not only offer a fast method to mend the family's clothes but also offer a business opportunity.

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Generally, donations are accepted year-round. Donors call us, or e-mail us to arrange for pick-up, or determine a mutually convenient time for delivery.

Womnaye & Otuh'an is a 100% volunteer effort. No portion of your donation is used to pay salaries or for operational expenses.

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Why we do not offer tax credits:

Most officially recognized charitable organization [501(c)3 corporations] offer documents donors can use to reduce their taxable income when they file their tax returns. Womnaye & Otuh'an is not a registered charitable organization but a privately run effort. We are not permitted to offer any such documents.

How we get paid:

Womnaye & Otuh'an is a 100% volunteer effort. We do not receive payment in dollars and cents for any of our efforts. We earn the gratitude of those we help by providing a much needed service. All costs related to the collection, processing and distribution of donations are borne by us. A sincere expression of gratitude, a heart-felt "thank you", a hug, or a quiet handshake and the knowledge that we have made a difference in someone else's life usually sums up what we receive.

Contact us:

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We are located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, USA.



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