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Womnaye nahan Otuh'an

2012 Collection Welcome Message

Our goal for 2012 is to reconnect with previous donors and focus our collection efforts on items that have been requested.  While this will may reduce the total number of donations for the collection year, it will ultimately best serve the people we support with your generous help.

We did not make our annual trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 2011 but we made several shipments of requested items using UPS as a courier.  Shipping a few boxes now and then is a rather expensive endeavor.  Combining the delivery with our annual trip is much better from a purely economical point of view.

The "Wish Lists" below provides a quick overview of what we are currently looking for to help Native Americans in need.  The list is updated frequently as we learn of new needs.  The focus of our efforts will be on appliances and not on clothes.


Collection News Update:

The state of the economy is reflected in the number of donations of used equipment and toys offered to us. Donors hold on to their belongings longer than in recent years.


Click here for a printable list.




(last updated in Nov. 2011)


NOTE:  Clothes We no longer collect clothes unless we receive specific requests for items. HOLD  
  children everywhere stuffed animals, any size, any kind
(Normal wear and tear OK but must be clean.)
  Diabetes Centers, Pine Ridge Reservation beadwork supplies of all kinds collecting  


needlework supplies of all kinds collecting  


things to keep patients entertained while they wait for dialysis collecting  


blood pressure measuring equipment  (cuffs) collecting  


blood glucose monitors collecting  


warm blankets collecting  


"Snuggies" and similar blankets and wraps collecting  
requested "

100 coats (same as last year)

collecting requested
  Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations electric heaters (110 V), compact units preferred
Large, heavy and/or bulky units pose transportation problems for us.


electric household appliances (110 V) -  Must be safe and in working order ! collecting  
  " electric tools (110 V)  -  Must be safe and in working order ! collecting  
  " electric sewing machines (110 V) - Must be in safe working order collecting  
  Elders on the Pine Ridge reservation blankets collecting  
  " air mattresses collecting  
  Our own collection-related needs Copier paper boxes (empty) complete with lids for 5,000 sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper. collecting  

Click here for a printable list.


If you want to make a donation and need the item(s) picked up,
please follow the guidelines provided at this link.
Your help is very much appreciated.


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